• Are you are a parent of a child between the ages of 8-16?
    • Are you concerned about the inundation of social media and it’s messages?
    • Do you search for tools to elevate, educate and empower your children?
    • Are you interested in instilling more acceptance, empathy and tolerance of our differences?
    • Would you like to learn tools to  guide your children through adolescence?

Welcome to Girls Elevate ™, a 501 (c) (3) dedicated to building girls’ self-esteem, bridging the connection between parent, adolescent and educator, and elevating the consciousness of the next generation.

We aim to instill empowerment and nurture tolerance, empathy and compassion into all children, regardless of sex, race, socieo-economic status or religion.

We believe that when a girl feels empowered in her own self, she will use that power to make a difference on the planet. She will use her leadership skills to follow her passion and purpose and not be swayed by the pressures of outside influence. Not only that, but when she feels supported by her “sisters”, her peers and her parents, she can go out into the world and make a difference.

Currently, our yoga/mindfulness and social/emotional intelligence curriculum can be shared with both genders however, we offer workshops/circles just for girls.

We are seeking partnership with like-minded individuals/organizations interested in supporting boys in redefining masculinity, developing vulnerability, and mutual kindness to work alongside us in our collective mission.

Our Mission is…

To guide tweens and teenagers to their highest potential

To encourage leadership qualities in our teenagers

To nurture empathy, compassion and tolerance in our teenagers

To build the self-esteem and confidence of the next generation of leaders

To revolutionize education

We do this through…

Yoga/mindfulness classes in the school

Social and emotional intelligence programs

Local summer camps for tweens/teens

Week long retreats for parents and teens

Mentorship round-tables and peer involvement

Yoga teacher training opportunities

Giving back to our community and global SEVA projects

Get involved. Here’s how…


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I recently had an educational professional tell me that there wasn't time in the day to "breathe" .. to "sit still and contemplate" ... to recite 3 positive affirmations with the children. I ask you ... really? Is there really not enough time or is that no one ever taught you how to do it.

I know I didn't learn this. I know I relearned it all after 35. And I know I have been doing this with my daughters for quite some time. And you know what? They STILL get snagged by the ego ... the STILL get caught up.

We can't think that our job as parents is done when kids get to middle school. We can't assume that the kid knows what to do and can "figure it all out on their own" - they will be out on their own soon enough. We are here as parents to guide and nurture. Period.

AND we cannot assume that everyone knows this stuff. Or that our educators will do this with our children.

However .. I ask you .. why not? Why not. Please .. someone tell me why not. It's not his job, her job, your job, my job.... it's everyone's job.

Thank you Dana Damara Founder and CEO of Youth Elevate and Girls Elevate
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Morning Motivation Starting off with positive affirmations can set a great tone for how your day unfolds. Learning this from an early age can be very beneficial in the esteem and confidence of a child. We are all Destined for Greatness!

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And this .. this is what I am talking about .. yes <3 Michele Obama is one of the BEST ... ... See MoreSee Less

Michelle Obama surprises Howard University students, tells them to ignore the haters and just "do the work":

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This is what we need ... for sure <3 It's not just about girls and moms connecting .. it's the dad too ... We cannot forget about the dad.

He needs to come to visit Girls Elevate yes? Thank you Daddy Daughter Hair Factory .. thank you
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Listen up, dads! This company is ready to teach you how to do your daughter’s hair. An Upworthy Original from Jess Blank with special thanks to Daddy Daughter Hair Factory.

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